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Community Events Information

Organics Recycling Day! Extended!
Week Days 8:00am - 3:30 pm

Bath Township Ira Road Facility, 3879 Ira Road

Dumpsters are placed at the site for the collection of the organic materials. If you cannot safetly get your yard waste in, please leave materials next to the container.
Accepted materials: tree limbs, brush, leaves, lawn clippings, and logs no longer than 3’ in length. Unacceptable materials: treated, stained, or painted wood, tree stumps, stones, rocks, or construction materials.  If any materials do not fit the guidelines for the event, the resident must remove them and dispose of the materials properly elsewhere.
Must be Bath Township residents and bring ID.  No landscapers, please.


Correct Trash/Recyling Cart Placement

Face wheels/handle away from street

Place within 3 ft. of the street

Place at least 3 ft. from other carts, mailboxes and objects

Please do not place non-recyclable items in the green carts.

Notice is hereby given that the Bath Township Board of Trustees has CANCELED the public hearing to address the application for the extension of a water line to the Ghent Hill Veterinary Clinic at 625 N. Cleveland-Massillon Road. This hearing was scheduled for Monday, December 18th, 2017 but is no longer needed.

Bath Parks

Bath Creek Wetland/Floodplain Restoration
(Moore's Chapel)
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Bath Nature Preserve Garden Bowl Restoration
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Bath Township Historical Museum
Closed for the winter months.

Historic Cemetery Tour Brochures

Heritage Corridors of Bath
An Ohio Scenic Byway
Places to See, Events, and Things to Do
Places to Eat and Shop

Click below for Alan Brubaker, Summit County Engineer's
Stormwater Management District Proposal

Hidden In Plain Sight
Hidden In Plain Sight is an awareness program for parents and other adults on dangerous teenage risky behaviors. Presented by Bath and Copley Police Departments.
Click here for a list of all upcoming presentations

Bath Celebrates 200

Bath Township announces its 200th Anniversary with three bicentennial events to be held during 2018!

The Past-Present-Future themed community celebrations will take place on Saturday, February 24th, the weekend of August 3rd, and Friday, November 30th, 2018. Locations and additional details will be provided- check out for updates.

Living Tree Program

Bath Township offers an opportunity for residents to commemorate a special event or to remember a loved one by having a tree planted on township property. A commemorative brass leaf plaque will also be placed on the bronze “Living Tree” located at the Bath Township Trustees’ Meeting Room. The cost for a “Living Tree” is $200 per tree. This includes the tree of your choice, installation of the tree, proper care and maintenance, and one engraved brass leaf plaque.

Living Tree Brochure

Summit County Public Health will begin issuing Operation Permits to homeowners with Septic Systems on May 28, 2015.  SCPH will mail Operation Permits to homeowners with septic systems that discharge treated effluent or that have been installed since 2007.  Please visit the Summit County Public Health website at for more information on maintaining your home septic system.  If you have questions, please email


Plan...Prepare...Be Informed

Bath Township Residents'

Emergency Handbook

A tool to help you and your family prepare for an emergency.



Summit County Emergency Notification System (Reverse Alert)
Receive alerts about emergencies by signing up for Summit County Emergency Notifications.

Natural Gas Aggregation Program

As a township, Bath is unable to enter into a natural gas aggregation agreement with a supplier. Township residents have depended on Summit County to strike an agreeable price per Mcf. All township residents were included in the aggregation unless they opted-out and signed up with another supplier.
Summit County will no longer be offering this program.
Instead, township residents who were on the county aggregation program will automatically be in the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) aggregation program. Those in the program will be enrolled into Option #1 with a price of $2.99/Mcf through the December 2017 billing period. Then the price will vary. There is also a limited enrolment option #2 in which the price remains $0.02/Mcf less than the monthly utility Standard Choice Offer. You must contact NOPEC (1-855-667-3201) to participate in Option #2.
If you have been in the county program, you have received a letter notifying you of the NOPEC program. Residents with other natural gas suppliers did not receive a notice and will remain with their current supplier.

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Public Records Policy

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Bath Township Privacy Policy

Where does your tax dollar go?
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The Ohio Auditor of State’s Office has released Bath Township's 2016 Audit Report.

Bath Township – Summit County – State of Ohio
Mission Statement
Bath Township is dedicated to excellence in providing prompt, appropriate public services to its citizens by encouraging honest, responsive, sensitive and professional services to the community and by recognizing the community’s history of independence, self reliance and tradition since 1818.

The purpose of this Website is to provide an avenue for the Township's residents to learn more about Bath Township and the many services it has to offer.
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